Rolling in the Cream.


Rolled cakes are a staple in Hong Kong bakeries and it is cake that I grew up eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. With the right amount of cream to cake ratio and the soft sponge cake - what is there not to love?

The coffee shop near our workplace has a great selection of rolled cakes, ranging from matcha to london fog. Seeing the selection of cakes as we pick up our coffee has inspired us to make our very own rolled cake . Since I am a coffee addict, we thought making a coffee flavoured cake is best. We used the Coffee Rolled Cake recipe from the cookbook, Tokyo Cult Recipes. It was surprisingly easier than we expected - everything from preparation to assembling the cake. The difficult part was making sure the cake is rolled with the cream, with the right amount of pressure, but not with too much strength that will cause the sponge to break apart.

The whipped coffee cream is to die for! There was extra and we saved it for another night to dip strawberries into. Never waste cream!

- Ken

Annual Christmas Kitchen Nightmare


Hey everyone! I can’t believe we haven’t posted since September and that blog was about our wonderful, meat-heavy Texas trip. We’ve been busy with moving from the suburbs to the city and from traveling in Japan! With all that’s going on - we became really lazy with blogging. Belated as we are, Christmas is of course over and we’re two months into 2019…but we’ll write about Christmas anyway because for us - it’s the busiest time in the kitchen for us! We plan an annual Friendsmas dinner, along with a Secret Santa exchange. We give ourselves ample time to think about what to cook for main, and what side dishes to accompany the main. Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without our signature dish too: butter with a side of potato. Bon appetit!

- Robyn

Deep in the Heart of Texas Pt.2: Austin


We were in Austin for two days and we wished we stayed longer! If Dallas was someone in their 30’s climbing up the corporate ladder, Austin would be it’s little brother that’s still going through college. Austin has a vibrant night scene and depending what you’re into, there is something for everyone! We wish we took more photos, but…we had too much fun!


Lenoir: Hands down the best meal I had in Austin.

Sour Duck: This is cool, lil hip place with a beautiful patio, great for kids and pets. The vibe, brunch food and pastries had us reminiscing Cali food.

Fleet Coffee: Great coffee with really friendly barista. Definitely check out the coffee and the space.

Cuvee Cafe: One of the famed coffee roasters in Austin. This place makes great cold brew coffee with milk. It has a patio and a large interior space if you need to drop in to get some work done.

Third Avenue: Endless selection of bars and clubs.

Rainey Street: This is like a street full frat parties, including a club made of giant containers!

Valentina’s Tex Mex Barbeque: We came for the breakfast tacos and they were so good and came in such large proportions that I couldn’t finish the pulled pork, beef brisket, queso and the list goes on. It’s cooked out of a food truck, but they have a patio for customers to eat in. Great last meal in Austin!


Bats on Congress Bridge: If you are around downtown Austin in the evening, head to the Congress Bridge near sunset. Swarms of people stop by the bridge to see this phenomenon of bats flying from under the bridge to who knows where they go to find food. It’s quite a scene - almost like a pandemic straight from a film.

Barton Spring Pools: It’s the place to be under the brutal southern sun during the summer. It’s a huge pool filled with natural water from a nearby spring that’s widely popular with locals. We chose this pool since we were in the city and didn’t want to drive far. There are plenty of other natural pools in and out of Austin!

Oasis: We momentarily forgot where we were from looking at the view of this place. Go chill at either a bar or a restaurant. Sit back and soak in that gorgeous view over Lake Travis. Maybe because we started the trip in Dallas, which is a flat city so when we arrived to the rolling hills of Austin, we also didn’t expect to see a place that reminded us of maybe, Lake Como? Maybe that’s an exaggeration - you tell us!

Graffiti Park: We passed by this neighbour on a hill and wondered what the commotion was with all the cars and people walking around this dead end street. It was this abandoned, industrial foundation that’s been covered with layers upon layers of graffiti paint. We left a view marks of our own - Asians represents! This establishment has been approved by demolition and the park has been accepting donations to reopen a building near the Austin airport. I don’t know what to expect, except this place was the original, that was not funded by anyone.

State Capitol: Free admission and one of the few attractions that was open during Labour Day. It’s a beautiful building, both inside and out with so much history!

Enjoy Austin!