Burnt Famed Ricotta Toast.

Yes, we're blogging about Sqirl again, but this is their famed ricotta toast and it's easy to make.  The hardest part for us was hunting down the brioche.  Once we had that sorted, we were off to making the ricotta, toasting the bread and spreading that Sqirl jam purchased in February when we were in LA.  We had high hopes for this slice of heaven.  To our initial disappointment, we burnt the toast a bit (oops!) after trying to char it as the recipe directs, but after adding lots of ricotta and jam to cover the imperfections, our afternoon snack was ready to get in our bellies. 

Is this toast worth traveling to LA for?  I'd say so.  Our version of the toast was delicious - we loved it.  But there is something in the original that makes it so good.  For one thing, it's not burnt.

- Robyn