Our Fave Shortie!


If anyone asks for my favourite ice cream in Toronto, I immediate response is Roselle's earl grey soft serve with the upgrade of lemon curd and pearl chocolates. That's my favourite item on their menu, but if you haven't tried the rest of their roster like the banana eclair, lemon tart and of course their earl grey shortie - go now!  

I had heard of the Toronto Eats cook book from Amy Rosen being released with recipes featuring bakeries and restaurants in Toronto and when I received it for Christmas, I was excited to see what I wanted to make.  Flipping through the pages, I stopped at Roselle's chapter featuring the earl grey shortie, I knew there and then, we were baking them!  

Ken and I have had trouble baking shortbread cookies in the past, and this one was no exception. The dough was tough to work with and we questioned how thick we were supposed to roll out the dough.  The recipe called for 1 and 1/2 inches thick and we were like, "whaaaa - we don't remember it being that thick at Roselle and it's a sandwich cookie".  Thanks to social media, we asked the author and Roselle.  Impatient to wait for a response, we used our gut and rolled out the dough to be thinner than called for.   

We made two versions of this cookie: regular cookie and the sandwich version with white chocolate ganache in the middle.  Both were a hit and we're curious to try out different types of tea to flavour the cookie with in the future.  And if anyone is wondering the reason we chilled the cookies outside prior to popping them in the oven, this is when we appreciate the Canadian winters with the limited fridge space we have!

Anyway - if you have not gone to Roselle yet, GO!

- Robyn