Under my paella ella eh eh eh.


Let’s get this out of the way: we’re price conscious.

The main reason we made this seafood paella for dinner was because I bought a paella pan for $10 at Home Sense last year. $10! How could I not? I admit, I have a shopping problem specifically for kitchenware.

One of the dilemmas for this meal was whether to buy Spanish saffron or American saffron. We opted for American saffron since this was our first time cooking paella and who knows what might happen? The price was too steep and not worth the investment unless we were confident that we can make an awesome paella that’s going to leave us wanting more. We love a good bargain, so when we were shopping at Farm Boy and came across deals on fish fillets and scallops - we jumped on deals. Yes, yes - you’re thinking, oh that’s gross - what if they’re stale? Well, they turned out surprisingly great and not at all fishy. Instead of fresh seafood, we went for fresh, seasonal peas. It added a bit of sweetness to the dish.

The dish turned out pretty well considering the amount of shortcuts we made. We know, it’s not the most traditional paella, but it made our lunches and dinners taste quite good that week.

Note to self: the pan we used was a little small for the portion we were making, so we have to half the portion next time.

- Ken

Souper Sweet Potato Potage!


Let’s start off with the major player in the creation of Soup Stock Tokyo’s Sweet Potato Potage: Google Translate. Yes, here’s the short story: Ken wanted to buy a Japanese cookbook when we were travelling in Japan back in November. Well, he bought one from Soup Stock Tokyo after we tried one of their soups and…did we mention we don’t speak or read Japanese?

Anyway, we decided on the Sweet Potato Potage purely based out of the visuals since we had no idea what the title of the recipe was. After that selection, that’s when the power of Google Translate came into play. We translated the ingredients required, and as we were cooking along, it translated each step as we needed. I know this sounds like we’re selling Google here, but trust us, we were not paid.

Back to the actual recipe, we never made soup with sweet potato before so it was interesting to make and to taste. It was creamy and smooth, but the recipe called for milk. All in all, an easy recipe to replicate if you have mushrooms, sweet potato, onion, garlic and milk.


P.S: we’re not afraid to tackle other recipes in foreign languages :)

Put a wing on it.


There was a crock-pot contest at work and we decided it was time we promote our blog a bit harder at our workplace. To show off our Asian heritage, our dish was this amazing honey garlic chicken wings and since we didn’t have a crock-pot, we used an instant pot instead.

The contest had two parameters: to feed 50+ people with a budget of $50. With those rules in mind, we had to find a recipe that was easily scalable and wouldn’t break the bank. This Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken Wings satisfied both!

There wasn’t that much prep work - we just needed to marinate the chicken wings for half an hour and brown them a bit before cooking it in the instant pot. We ended up browning the wings the night before and let them soak in the marinate overnight. The next day was also easy: 15 minutes to cook and another 10 minutes for the instant pot to decrease in pressure. The end result was fall-off-the-bone, mouth watering, soy-licious chicken wings. We couldn’t be happier with the result, considering the minimum effort we put in.

Did we win the contest? No - but that’s not what is important. It tasted delicious, anyway!

- Ken