Burnt Famed Ricotta Toast.

Yes, we're blogging about Sqirl again, but this is their famed ricotta toast and it's easy to make.  The hardest part for us was hunting down the brioche.  Once we had that sorted, we were off to making the ricotta, toasting the bread and spreading that Sqirl jam purchased in February when we were in LA.  We had high hopes for this slice of heaven.  To our initial disappointment, we burnt the toast a bit (oops!) after trying to char it as the recipe directs, but after adding lots of ricotta and jam to cover the imperfections, our afternoon snack was ready to get in our bellies. 

Is this toast worth traveling to LA for?  I'd say so.  Our version of the toast was delicious - we loved it.  But there is something in the original that makes it so good.  For one thing, it's not burnt.

- Robyn

How do you do avocado toast?

The first time I ate at Sqirl was probably over a year ago and it was love at first bite.  I ended up buying the Sqirl cookbook and showing it off to Ken a few months later, declaring that we have to feature some recipes on our blog some day.  Fast-forward to February 2017, when we visited LA, and of course, I took him to Sqirl and near the end of our meal, he confessed that his first impression of the book was just a meh, regular brunch cookbook and the meal completely changed his mind.  It was his favourite restaurant of the whole trip. So one, I’m proud of myself and two, thank you Ken for being open-minded and agreeing to come along.  But, remember to never judge a book by its cover.

Avocado Toast is the dish Sqirl is known for. Besides tasting delicious, its ability to incorporate ingredients I hate, and make me want more of it is the plus. That’s raw carrots, garlic and scallions by the way.  

This recipe gave us our chance to tackle pickling and after this, pickling is in our future.  The most annoying and tedious task was the prep work involved.  The carrots had to be cut thinly, and lengthwise, which led two of our vegetable peelers to RIP.  But hey, it was all worth it (well, Ken did most of the work).

Disclaimer: your breath will stink so take a spearmint after and do not try this if you want to own a house in the future.

We blogged a bit about Sqirl in our LA post here.  Check it out!

- Robyn

We Went West.

We love LA. Back in February, we travelled to LA to escape the Canadian winter, only to arrive to mother nature gifting Cali the cure to the drought: lots of rain!  The downpour may have dampened our moods a bit, but we soaked in as much of the sun as we can, gazed at the endless sky and perfectly lined-up, tall palm trees.  Oh, and we stuffed our bellies.  Check out some of our fave spots:  


Intelligentsia: Ken’s favourite coffee.  He waited a long time for his flat white and it was worth it. Note, the barista threw out the coffee probably because it wasn’t up to his standard.  Intelligentsia takes their coffee seriously.
Blue Bottle: I hyped this place up for Ken, but hey, I love the New Orleans.  Try it!
Bar Nine: This cafe is hidden behind a tall flower bush on a residential street.  Perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and get your work done.


Sqirl:  Ken’s fave restaurant this trip.  Great, comfort breakfast food and top off your meal with the lemon and ginger hot fizz, the perfect caffeine replacement.
Gjusta Bakery:  Buy your pastries, egg sandwiches, find a nice nook to sit and indulge.  Gjusta has too many delicious options and you need to visit more than once. 
Tacos Puntas Cabras: Super jealous of the kids at the high school next door.  Order the seafood mixto tostada.  The latest update from their Facebook page is that they're relocating. 
Magal BBQ: A Korean BBQ chain that I love and takes me back to my days living in Seoul. Order the pork belly and galbi.
Mori’s Sushi: Mind-blowing omakase that rendered us speechless, wishing our bellies were a bottom-less pit and our wallets had infinite wads of cash.
Salt & Straw: The aroma of freshly made waffle cones pulled us in.
Little Pine Restaurant:  Moby's vegan bistro that donates all profits to animal welfare organizations. The hazelnut soup was superb and kombucha list is extensive. 
Chi Spacca: The day after our dinner at Moby's restaurant, we went 180 and chose to eat meat.  Must have: bone marrow pie!

- Robyn

All photos by us.  Portrait with dino by Xylia.