Annual Christmas Kitchen Nightmare


Hey everyone! I can’t believe we haven’t posted since September and that blog was about our wonderful, meat-heavy Texas trip. We’ve been busy with moving from the suburbs to the city and from traveling in Japan! With all that’s going on - we became really lazy with blogging. Belated as we are, Christmas is of course over and we’re two months into 2019…but we’ll write about Christmas anyway because for us - it’s the busiest time in the kitchen for us! We plan an annual Friendsmas dinner, along with a Secret Santa exchange. We give ourselves ample time to think about what to cook for main, and what side dishes to accompany the main. Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without our signature dish too: butter with a side of potato. Bon appetit!

- Robyn

I like big bundts and I cannot lie.


Oh my god, look at that bundt!

What better way to get into holiday mood than catch up with friends over cake and coffee? We used Martha Stewart's Lemon Bundt Cake recipe and sprinkled lots of Christmas sprinkles to transform it into a holiday cake! The recipe was simple and straight forward. Helpful hint: remember to bring your butter to room temperature. We can't deny that we struggled a bit when the butter came straight out of the freezer.

Another technique I would have done differently was to not have the cake wait overnight before soaking it in the tasty lemon syrup.  The exterior of the cake was a bit hard and crusty, which was also not absorbing the lemon syrup.  There's always a next time to make it right. 

Note to self: shop for a bundt cake pan with a cool design. Bundts are so easy to make and the pan does all the decorating.  I'm always up for minimal effort with great results. #notlazy

- Ken

Have Yourself a Pepperminty Christmas!


Christmas is the best time for family gatherings, feasts, snow, presents and baked goods.  It's quite timely that a couple of weeks ago, I bought a 10 lb bag of flour for the reason that we occasionally use flour for our blog.  So, now with the holiday season approaching, baking with flour is top of mind.  

To start off the holiday season, we made iamafoodblog's Peppermint Bark Cookies.  Crushed candy canes, peppermint extract and cocoa powder - everything from the smell to the sight reminds me of the festive season.  Not only does it taste great, but it looks amazing.  Sprinkling the crushed candy cane on top of the peppermint chocolate icing created this Christmas scene.  Oh, so good.  The dough needed to be extra cold, which was also tough when the mixture was being rolled out.  But since I'm not much of a cookie person, this recipe made a delicious crispy, chocolatey cookie and inspires me to continue baking for the rest of December. 

- Robyn