Under my paella ella eh eh eh.


Let’s get this out of the way: we’re price conscious.

The main reason we made this seafood paella for dinner was because I bought a paella pan for $10 at Home Sense last year. $10! How could I not? I admit, I have a shopping problem specifically for kitchenware.

One of the dilemmas for this meal was whether to buy Spanish saffron or American saffron. We opted for American saffron since this was our first time cooking paella and who knows what might happen? The price was too steep and not worth the investment unless we were confident that we can make an awesome paella that’s going to leave us wanting more. We love a good bargain, so when we were shopping at Farm Boy and came across deals on fish fillets and scallops - we jumped on deals. Yes, yes - you’re thinking, oh that’s gross - what if they’re stale? Well, they turned out surprisingly great and not at all fishy. Instead of fresh seafood, we went for fresh, seasonal peas. It added a bit of sweetness to the dish.

The dish turned out pretty well considering the amount of shortcuts we made. We know, it’s not the most traditional paella, but it made our lunches and dinners taste quite good that week.

Note to self: the pan we used was a little small for the portion we were making, so we have to half the portion next time.

- Ken

Annual Christmas Kitchen Nightmare


Hey everyone! I can’t believe we haven’t posted since September and that blog was about our wonderful, meat-heavy Texas trip. We’ve been busy with moving from the suburbs to the city and from traveling in Japan! With all that’s going on - we became really lazy with blogging. Belated as we are, Christmas is of course over and we’re two months into 2019…but we’ll write about Christmas anyway because for us - it’s the busiest time in the kitchen for us! We plan an annual Friendsmas dinner, along with a Secret Santa exchange. We give ourselves ample time to think about what to cook for main, and what side dishes to accompany the main. Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without our signature dish too: butter with a side of potato. Bon appetit!

- Robyn

Keep Calm and Curry On.


In the early years of my Instagram life, one of the first food handles and blogs I followed was Love and Lemons.  The food blog had simple, healthy recipes and it used lots of fruits and vegetables.  Through many likes and attempts at the recipes, Love and Lemons published a cook book!  (Woo!) I never bought the cookbook, and when my local library had it, I immediately borrowed it and extended it twice.  From slaws to soups and curries - I love this book and I am buying it.  The book is categorized by specific vegetables and fruits and it encourages the reader to use what they have: if you have a leftover eggplant, flip to the eggplant chapter and see what you want to make.  

With the winter season marching strong, we naturally decided on a warm, homey and hearty meal: butternut squash red curry.  We had all the prep and cook done in under an hour - all ready to welcome our friends over for lunch and enough to pack for an extra meal.  I've made curries with potatoes, chicken, carrots, but never have I used butternut squash, a vegetable I really only use to make soup with.  It felt refreshing and new to use it for not soup.  With that said, let's hope winter ends soon.

- Robyn