Mohinga Flashback

Three years ago, I went on a trip to Myanmar and Robyn saved my life*. After our return, Robyn was gifted the Burma: Rivers of Flavor cookbook for Christmas, and we were full of inspiration to replicate the three things we all fell in love with: Myanmar tea, mohinga and fermented tea leaves salad.  

The dish we think about the most is mohinga, a fish soup noodle that we had almost every morning. What we didn't realize was behind such an unassuming dish, how much prep work was involved and how much shallots were part of the Burmese cuisine.  For this recipe, we used 3 bundles of shallots and we cried a river.  

Whether it was the tilapia instead of catfish, the missing banana stem that I couldn't find in any Asian grocery store, or the lack of variety in our fried garnishes, we just couldn't recreate that flavour we had on the streets of Yangon. However, this didn't stop us from reminiscing the adventures and mishaps on our Asia trip. 

*I am actually under contractual obligation to inform you that Robyn saved my life in Bagan whenever we bring up our Myanmar trip. I won't delve into too much details but it involved four people on three e-bikes, two lunatics running around a temple, and one defective bike battery. 

- Ken