California Exports



Looking at my bookshelf, a lot of the cookbooks are inspired from my travels. With the many visits to the Golden State, I've grown to love California-style food and all the restaurants that I frequented in Los Angeles.  Having tried both restaurants, Gjelina and Gjusta in Venice, California, I instantly fell in love with their pasta, salads and pizza.  This love was public amongst my friends, and I was gifted the cookbook Gjelina: Cooking from Venice for Christmas.  

Making pasta from scratch has always haunted me as I recall Ken's efforts making spaghetti way past midnight one year. I'm very happy to say this recipe, Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Pomodoro took us a little over an hour to make, which inspires me to replicate this for the upcoming holidays.

Garnished with basil and using a Heath Ceramics cereal bowl bought during my Big Sur/San Fran road tip last year, the whole look makes me walk down Cali memory lane.  

Cheers to many more!

- Robyn