I Scream for Ice Cream!


It already feels like summer in Toronto and you know what that means? Ice cream time!

Our obsession with Earl Grey is a train that cannot be stopped! We are in loved with Roselle's Earl Grey shorties and Fortnum & Mason's beautiful Earl Grey loose leaf teas.  Next stop homemade Van Leeuwen Earl Grey Ice Cream!  Making ice cream at home is a lot easier than you would imagine.  All you need is the right tool. In this case, an ice cream machine - duh!

First, we made a custard base with Earl Grey tea, heavy cream, egg yolks, and sugar. We conducted a mini research (a quick search on Youtube) on the easiest, foolproof way of separating egg yolks and we ended up using a slotted spoon to crack the egg into, then the egg whites fell through the slotted spoon. I personally prefer the good old egg shell method because it is one less item to wash. After the custard thickened, we strained it and let it chill overnight. 

The next day we invited our friends over to share our sugary concoction. Unlike what the photos led you to believe, we are quite please with the result.  It doesn't have the soft serve swervy look, but regardless of the appearance, we were all very focused on eating.  The custard base made the ice cream extra creamy, and we received requests to make other flavours of ice cream. One thing I would like to modify next time is to add a bit less sugar.  Other than that, our bellies are happy!