Not your average $0.99 donut.

I forget how I stumbled onto Molly Yeh’s blog, but I know when I did, I spent countless hours reading about her life on a farm, and telling my friends that I want to live on a farm too.  So, when Molly announced she was releasing her cookbook, Molly on the Range, I made sure to be in the know of the release date and if she would be on a book tour.  Long story short:  I managed to have my boyfriend visit her book signing in LA back in January and I had the chance to be part of her culinary workshop in Toronto in February.  Oh, and she signed my book twice :)

After weeks of flipping through the pages, we finally decided on baking Dukkah Donuts and who knew that after purchasing all the ingredients, it was the most expensive recipe to date. Luckily, they turned out tasting great: the glaze was sweet, balanced with nutty flavours by the dukkah.   Remember to pair it with coffee!

- Robyn

P.S: scroll all the way to the bottom to check out my photo with Molly!