Annual Christmas Kitchen Nightmare


Hey everyone! I can’t believe we haven’t posted since September and that blog was about our wonderful, meat-heavy Texas trip. We’ve been busy with moving from the suburbs to the city and from traveling in Japan! With all that’s going on - we became really lazy with blogging. Belated as we are, Christmas is of course over and we’re two months into 2019…but we’ll write about Christmas anyway because for us - it’s the busiest time in the kitchen for us! We plan an annual Friendsmas dinner, along with a Secret Santa exchange. We give ourselves ample time to think about what to cook for main, and what side dishes to accompany the main. Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without our signature dish too: butter with a side of potato. Bon appetit!

- Robyn

California Exports



Looking at my bookshelf, a lot of the cookbooks are inspired from my travels. With the many visits to the Golden State, I've grown to love California-style food and all the restaurants that I frequented in Los Angeles.  Having tried both restaurants, Gjelina and Gjusta in Venice, California, I instantly fell in love with their pasta, salads and pizza.  This love was public amongst my friends, and I was gifted the cookbook Gjelina: Cooking from Venice for Christmas.  

Making pasta from scratch has always haunted me as I recall Ken's efforts making spaghetti way past midnight one year. I'm very happy to say this recipe, Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Pomodoro took us a little over an hour to make, which inspires me to replicate this for the upcoming holidays.

Garnished with basil and using a Heath Ceramics cereal bowl bought during my Big Sur/San Fran road tip last year, the whole look makes me walk down Cali memory lane.  

Cheers to many more!

- Robyn


The Only Jamie Oliver You Need.

There are many firsts. This post is on the first cookbook I owned: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Sometimes, simple is all you need - that is what Food Revolution has taught me.  Purchased on a whim, the book is filled with healthy meals that are quick and tasty - and one of my favourites is spaghetti with meatballs.  We made a big pot that was supposed to last a week, but we devoured it in 2 days - but hey, this is supposed to be healthy, right?  

- Ken