Say Nice Things About Detroit!


Our mini road trip to Detroit has been a long time coming! I’ve been thinking about visiting for the past couple of years since I’ve been hearing about the revival of the city and how the food is really good. Well, Ken, my sister and I finally visited during a long weekend in May and leading up to the visit, we received so many questionable responses like, “why are you going?” or “be careful”. Honestly, those comments did leave me a bit paranoid, but I’m happy to report back that we felt very safe, we were safe and we had the best time during our 2 night, 3 day stay:


Detroit Institute of Art: The DIA is a beautiful historical building, so even if you’re not interested in art, check out the exterior. The DIA’s collection is massive and we were surprised we spent over a couple of hours looking at art. Also, there’s a cafe inside with a beautiful interior - great place to relax at the end. I used beautiful enough in the last 3 sentences.

Detroit Public Library: We didn’t borrow books! We went to check out the historical building that was constructed in the 1870s. It reminds me of the New York Public Library, but smaller. Still beautiful and…why can’t we build libraries like this anymore? Conveniently located next to the DIA, you can check out both historical buildings.

The Heidelberg Project: An outdoor art installation that aims to improve the lives of people and neighbourhoods through art. You can drive by and park your car on the street to view the installations or schedule a tour through their site.

Eastern Market: The first place we visited after crossing the border from Toronto was the Eastern Market and we didn’t know what to expect of the city or this market, and wow - the crowd, the food selection and the plant selection surprised us. We were told by locals we came on the perfect day - Flower Market Day, which means usually on weekends, it’s a food market, but the day we visited included flower and plant vendors. It felt like there was more people than the St Lawrence Market in Toronto on a weekend. We saw peppers and tomatoes we rarely see back home, tried out different kinds of tortillas and more.

Dequindre Cut: The Dequindre Cut reminds me of the High Line in NYC. Previously a railroad, now it’s a recreational path that runs along abandoned buildings, graffiti art, installations. It takes you from the city to the riverfront, where you can view across to Windsor, Canada. It’s a pleasant stroll alongside pedestrians, Bird scooter riders and bikers.

Fisher Building: An art deco building that’s open to the public. Check it out if you’re an architecture and/or interior design fanatic. Or you simply appreciate the history of the city.

The Guardian Building: Similar to the above about the Fisher Building, it’s an art deco building that’s open to the public and worth checking out!


Anthology Coffee: This cafe was recommended by the company of Aunt Ness, who were at the Eastern Market selling tortilla chips and salsa. It’s a hidden entrance, with no sign but it’s a spacious and quiet cafe to enjoy coffee.

Madcap Coffee: Located next to the Shinola Hotel, Madcap offers alcohol and the standard coffee menu. It’s a great place to stopover and people watch, while enjoying their coffee.

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co: We ended up mid-town to visit a friend and there were a lot of students at this cafe. The lavender latte was spot-on!

Green Dot Stables: If you ask any Detroit native where to eat, Green Dot Stables is the restaurant. It’s a horse racing themed interior, with mini sliders and sides that start at $1. Definitely worth checking out if you need a snack!

Sister Pie: There was a line the morning we visited for some savoury pies. If you’re looking for some cookies, brownies and pies - this is the place to visit!

Penny Red’s: We love us some fried chicken and Penny Red’s was delicious! Offering up different hot sauces, this place was a fun venue to play some shuffleboard, drink some beer and then wander about downtown.

Give Detroit a chance. Have fun!

- Robyn

We Went West.

We love LA. Back in February, we travelled to LA to escape the Canadian winter, only to arrive to mother nature gifting Cali the cure to the drought: lots of rain!  The downpour may have dampened our moods a bit, but we soaked in as much of the sun as we can, gazed at the endless sky and perfectly lined-up, tall palm trees.  Oh, and we stuffed our bellies.  Check out some of our fave spots:  


Intelligentsia: Ken’s favourite coffee.  He waited a long time for his flat white and it was worth it. Note, the barista threw out the coffee probably because it wasn’t up to his standard.  Intelligentsia takes their coffee seriously.
Blue Bottle: I hyped this place up for Ken, but hey, I love the New Orleans.  Try it!
Bar Nine: This cafe is hidden behind a tall flower bush on a residential street.  Perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and get your work done.


Sqirl:  Ken’s fave restaurant this trip.  Great, comfort breakfast food and top off your meal with the lemon and ginger hot fizz, the perfect caffeine replacement.
Gjusta Bakery:  Buy your pastries, egg sandwiches, find a nice nook to sit and indulge.  Gjusta has too many delicious options and you need to visit more than once. 
Tacos Puntas Cabras: Super jealous of the kids at the high school next door.  Order the seafood mixto tostada.  The latest update from their Facebook page is that they're relocating. 
Magal BBQ: A Korean BBQ chain that I love and takes me back to my days living in Seoul. Order the pork belly and galbi.
Mori’s Sushi: Mind-blowing omakase that rendered us speechless, wishing our bellies were a bottom-less pit and our wallets had infinite wads of cash.
Salt & Straw: The aroma of freshly made waffle cones pulled us in.
Little Pine Restaurant:  Moby's vegan bistro that donates all profits to animal welfare organizations. The hazelnut soup was superb and kombucha list is extensive. 
Chi Spacca: The day after our dinner at Moby's restaurant, we went 180 and chose to eat meat.  Must have: bone marrow pie!

- Robyn

All photos by us.  Portrait with dino by Xylia.