KFC: Karage Faux Chicken


Half my Facebook feed is infiltrated by 30 second recipes and I am addicted. When Robyn introduced me to Tastemade Japan, I was in heaven, salivating except I had no idea what was going on because I don't understand Japanese.

We talked about this recipe for a while and doing it as a challenge to see how well we understood the recipe purely from the visuals and our familiarity with the use of some Chinese words that the Japanese language use. Robyn suggested using a dictionary and I apparently yelled at her.  In the end, we got a bit of help from our friend Google. 

The end result was a beautifully crispy "fake chicken". The recipe required us to use Konnyaku, a Japanese yam cake that has a crunchy rubbery texture. We froze it and defrosted it to transform the yam into a spongy texture, similar to frozen tofu. The coating was very easy to make, just a mixture of egg, soy sauce, flour, and chicken bouillon. It turned out way better than we both imagined.

Luckily, this recipe was simple enough and we succeeded! Otherwise, it might have ended up like a Pinterest Fail, or rather, Tastemade fail. Honestly, so much can go wrong from such a short 30 second video, disguised to make everything look easy. 

Link to the Tastemade video is below.

- Ken