A Tea-riffic Salad.


Tea leaf salad from Burma.  I'm trying to remember the flavours, the scents, the textures all in my mouth.  I didn't expect the dish to taste delicious, but just alright. It exceeded my expectations, probably due to the roasted peanuts and fried beans. It's been 4 years since that trip and we've been wanting to replicate that dish.  Part of the difficulty is trying to find the dried leaves, but after a long while, we located some!

This has to be one of the easiest salads to prepare for.  It's all about finding the different components of the salad: napa cabbage, roasted peanuts, fried chick peas, fish sauce, tomatoes, a hint of lime juice, roasted nuts....and then you mix them altogether!

Admittedly, the salad was moderate. The texture was good, but it was missing the flavour.  Mainly its missing the sounds of the honking taxis as we sit on the low plastic stools.  Whatever our salad lacked, it made up for bringing back all the memories up our trip. 

- Robyn