Peach, please!


When it comes to summer, I have a list of to-do's: hiking, go for a picnic, sunbathe at the beach, have a backyard barbecue, head up to Muskoka for the cottage and pick fruit and cook something up! Happy to report that I accomplished most of this list.  I haven't been to the beach yet, but nonetheless, I'm very happy with my summer.  For the picking fruit part, last year, we picked blueberries, and this year we picked peaches in Niagara! 

There was an ongoing discussion on what we would make with peaches.  I was all for the peach galette because I love baking, however Ken was inspired by Antoni's grilled peach salad from Queer Eye.  We searched for his "recipe" online, but to no avail so we ended up with A Couple Cooks' Peach, Heirloom Tomato, and Burrata Salad. We replaced burrata with bocconcini.  It was the quickest food we ever made.  There was lots of cutting involved, but when the chopped peaches were plated with basil and bocconcini, it was such a pretty dish, and more importantly, delicious. All in all, we're going to give ourselves a pat on the back for picking fruit in the sweltering heat, rewarding ourselves for the hard work with ice cream at Avondale and ending the day off with a salad with what was harvested! 

- Robyn

Keep Calm and Curry On.


In the early years of my Instagram life, one of the first food handles and blogs I followed was Love and Lemons.  The food blog had simple, healthy recipes and it used lots of fruits and vegetables.  Through many likes and attempts at the recipes, Love and Lemons published a cook book!  (Woo!) I never bought the cookbook, and when my local library had it, I immediately borrowed it and extended it twice.  From slaws to soups and curries - I love this book and I am buying it.  The book is categorized by specific vegetables and fruits and it encourages the reader to use what they have: if you have a leftover eggplant, flip to the eggplant chapter and see what you want to make.  

With the winter season marching strong, we naturally decided on a warm, homey and hearty meal: butternut squash red curry.  We had all the prep and cook done in under an hour - all ready to welcome our friends over for lunch and enough to pack for an extra meal.  I've made curries with potatoes, chicken, carrots, but never have I used butternut squash, a vegetable I really only use to make soup with.  It felt refreshing and new to use it for not soup.  With that said, let's hope winter ends soon.

- Robyn

California Exports



Looking at my bookshelf, a lot of the cookbooks are inspired from my travels. With the many visits to the Golden State, I've grown to love California-style food and all the restaurants that I frequented in Los Angeles.  Having tried both restaurants, Gjelina and Gjusta in Venice, California, I instantly fell in love with their pasta, salads and pizza.  This love was public amongst my friends, and I was gifted the cookbook Gjelina: Cooking from Venice for Christmas.  

Making pasta from scratch has always haunted me as I recall Ken's efforts making spaghetti way past midnight one year. I'm very happy to say this recipe, Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Pomodoro took us a little over an hour to make, which inspires me to replicate this for the upcoming holidays.

Garnished with basil and using a Heath Ceramics cereal bowl bought during my Big Sur/San Fran road tip last year, the whole look makes me walk down Cali memory lane.  

Cheers to many more!

- Robyn